About WN Hill Preservation

We are West Newton residents who are looking for ways to preserve the historic character of our neighborhood, and are working with the City of Newton and the Massachusetts Historical Commission to document the resources in the neighborhood. Completing the form below sends an email to: WNHpreservation@gmail.com and will add you to a google group so that you can receive updates.  

PEOPLE who have been Involved as researchers or advisors:  

Margaret Batten, Edmund Chang, Harriet Christina Chu, Peter Dimond, Paula Evans, Kate Flather, Laura Foote, Laurie Gill, Marty Kennedy, Nancy Morrison, Gretchen Schuler, Caroline & Larry Schwirian, Barbara Sird, Janet Taylor, Robert Tuchmann, Emily Venanzi, Claudia Wu.  Website Development/IT: Lorraine Gray: Design/Graphics/Photography  Diane Fassino, Sally Brecher, JB Borchard.


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